Ten Day Soup Salute

Today is the first day of my Nourishing Cleanse journey. This is not your average cleanse that simply administers a protocol of starving yourself through severe food restrictions and rules that basically leave you dizzy and ‘hangry’, making you a menace to society.  What I admire about this ten day journey to wellness is that it adds a plethora of food rich in nutrients and healing broths and soups that are meant to reinforce the body’s ability to heal and recover from the many contaminants we ingest and absorb through either our food or the air we breath.  Life today is dizzying blur of chaos and stress and we are bombarded by toxins, anxieties and poisonous pressures administered by the hand of expectations we put upon our society.

So how has day one gone? So far it has been as comforting and savory as the soups and broths I have slowly drunk today.  I added a range of vegetables to each of these warm delicious pools and sipped with absolute pleasure and the intention of healing.  For part of this cleanse is also about the healing of the spirit, to set a goal of meaning throughout these days put aside specifically for peace and tranquility.  One of my intentions is to be mindful and to take pause in the moment in order to truly be present in anything I do.  This may seem like a simple task however, it has already proven to be an eye opening experience. I often catch myself detached from the ‘now’ distracted by my phone like the many around me, all of us with our heads bent in technological submission bowing to the information gods in our palms.

Here we go. Ten days of healing. Ten days of real food. Ten days of baptizing my body with the nourishing properties of broths, soups, and positive declarations.


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