Storm Moon Rising

Storm Moon Rising

Some Native American tribes call it the Full Snow Moon, since February is the month with the heaviest snowfall, coming down in droves of silent white, blanketing the earth in frozen fabrics of stillness and pallid quiet. Other tribes named it the Hunger Moon, the Ice Moon or the Storm Moon, for with the heavy snow comes scarcity. Hunting would therefore become increasingly difficult, leaving many hungry and cold.



The moon has long been an honored cosmic feminine energy in many cultures spanning the ages. And like any female energy, she is an enigma dictating the pushing and pulling of tides of oceans and seas across the face of our Earth. She is a whitewashed muse of emotion hanging in our starry sky, scattering her seeds that take root as the fruits of creativity, strength, vigor, and sometimes, madness.
The full moon and lunar eclipse of February have been a waxing collection of rising energies that have been building up over the last five months since September 2016. Take a moment and reflect upon the last few months of your life. Have you noticed an ongoing trend of transformations and an insatiable thirst for change, one which cannot seem to be satisfied? Personally, these past five months have been a collection of tumultuous hunts of self, and of deep reflection and questioning.
During this month of February, a month of love, snow and hunger, we shall explore the full moon in Leo and Penumbral lunar eclipse that will take place on the 10th of February. We will answer questions as to what this moon symbolizes and what it means for our own push and pull of the mind and heart. We will recommend ways to prepare and garner the benefits of this Storm Moon so you do not go hungry this month. It is time to sit, eat and listen.
Total Eclipse of the Heart

Lunar eclipse energies usually spans over a period of six months and is often a period of contemplation of both our unconscious thoughts and drives. On February 10th, we will finally be allowed the opportunity for renewal of relationships and reconstruction of our lives. In a world that does not sleep or slow down, this window of rest must be taken advantage of. Make sure you set an intention of truth and grounding, for these intents will last for another six months until the next lunar eclipse, which takes place during August 2017.
The Rise of Fire and Snow

Storm moon rising in Leo, a sign of fire, loyalty and zeal, will be a time driven by the Lion’s vivacious passion of expression of self, which, unsurprisingly, draws many people to their whimsical and enjoyable company. And while Leo is indeed a patron of devotion and jubilation, its dark side takes form in aggression, arrogance, introversion and jealousy. The full moon in ‘Fire’ should therefore be a time when we embrace the positive and uplifting side of Leo, stepping out into the dazzling sunshine of exuberance that sings and radiates with joy and uplifting qualities. Leo’s ruler is the sun, embodying the light and full awareness of self. Without the sun there can be no life or growth, but too much sun can be deadly. So step out lightly in its glow, basking in rays of balance.

So what can we do to reap the harvest of this ‘Moon of Snow Storm and Fire’?
First, let us create a sacred space to surround ourselves with, and reinforce our spiritual forte to fully relish the benefits of this full moon:

It is believed that some colors manifest certain energies and frequencies capable of healing, elevating and enhancing our moods and humours. As our moon reaches her beautiful round self and dances to the beat of Leo, the color we should therefore be surrounding ourselves with, is yellow.



Gather your gemstones, especially those boasting the colors of Leo, such delicious honey hues of yellows, golds and cream, and set your sacred space ablaze in their beneficial healing properties and vibrations.
You can choose from an array of yellow gemstones such as ruby and amber (the stones of Leo), dark citrine, carnelian, topaz tiger’s eye and iron pyrite. Once you have gathered your arsenal, authentically set intentions, whatever they maybe, and sit by your gemstone fireside as you feel their warmth of healing, opening your heart and mind to their welcoming powers and ritualistic embrace.
Yellow, a “sun color”, represents the third Chakra (solar plexus). It signifies all that drives our ego, and celebrates courage, self-confidence, self-orientation, joy and laughter. Sounds like our loyal Leo doesn’t it?
As well as sharing a colour and characteristics, this Chakra’s element is fire, an expressive and explosive culmination of dynamism and blazing power. Be aware of this element and respect it. It can been nurturing and life giving, but it can also be a destructive reaper of discord if left wild and unchecked.
Take this time beloved and surround yourself in a golden embrace with colors of courage and yellow gemstones, like little suns orbiting your cosmic moment of peace.
If you are going through a transition, whether is it adjusting to a new career path, a new relationship (or an end to one), this color will be extremely valuable in arming yourself as the full moon and eclipse reach their zenith of transformation.



Intentions Intentions Intentions

This is a time for spiritual purification and initiation. So allow yourself to take a much needed moment during your busy schedule to sit down in preparation for the upcoming full moon. Write, journal or meditate on specific intentions that will nourish your self-confidence and orientation.
This is a time to reinforce your sacred place and home, channeling in the power of this moon, and flooding your space with its cosmic glory.
Create affirmations and mantras. Compose music and paint! Go crazy and lose yourself in the lunar lust as you dance in the moonlight. If your body calls for rest, then do so.  Take a long hot bath in purifying salts and minerals.
Forgive yourself. Forgive those around you who you feel have wronged you, but do not resurrect buried grudges and conflicts. Do not burn bridges, but Instead, reinforce them with forgiveness, mercy and love.
Plan, stretch and inhale deeply. For the full moon cometh, and with it comes a time for spiritual purification and time for initiation.
It is a time of rising you.